Top 5 Ways to Annoy and Alienate Customers Online

By Clay Deal - Sales Manager at Xapsis Integrated Marketing

It's a fact, more and more consumers are conducting research online before considering a purchase or a purchase source.  This means the website, a blog, a social media outlet or any other digital marketing channel has become a vital, vital piece of the marketing mix.  Any one of the channels above is more often than not, the first touch point a consumer may have with your business.

This leaves your company with the opportunity to make a phenomenal first impression, or the chance to completely alienate the consumer before you even know they exist.  There are plenty of ways to "drop the ball" with your digital efforts.  New media efforts, such as websites, social media, mobile apps, etc. must be continually evaluated for weaknesses.

Below are a few of the common mistakes we see businesses make on a day-to-day basis that could be costing them sales.

Overabundance of Copy

People want information quickly.  It needs to be clear, concise and compelling.  Too many businesses try to squeeze the entire history of their company and every spec of every product onto their websites.  It becomes a massive ball of text that no one will spend time reading.  It makes it difficult to find the info that consumers truly do want.

Confusing Navigation

Whether it was a creative idea that failed miserably or a direct result of poor copy, many sites end up with endless navigation links.  Just when you think you've found the information you are looking for, you end up on another page that gives another six options.  Streamline your navigation and make it easy on users!

Broken Links

There might be nothing as frustrating as finally locating that "Lost Grail" page you've been hunting for like Indiana Jones, clicking it and then receiving the dreaded "404-not found error."  Issues like these can almost certainly guarantee a potential customer exciting your website and heading to your closest competitor.  

Browser Compatibility

This may come as a shock to some, but not everyone uses Internet Explorer. Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all popular browsers. When websites are optimized only for IE, many potential consumers are being ignored. Make sure all internet users are being reached with the same intended experience. Double check your site for multiple browser compatibility.

No Contact Information

A sure fire way to lose business is to not having contact information clearly visible. Imagine finding a business online, discovering the product you've been searching for and then finding absolutely no contact information on the site. How likely are you to take the extra step to search out their contact information now? Or are you just as likely to search their competitors’? “Call to Actions” are a must for a website. “Click here to contact us,” “Click here for a quote” whatever it is you’re offering, make it bold and easy to find. After customers find you and research your site, guide them into the next steps. Make it easy for them to do business with you.

These are just a few issues that consumers run into everyday on websites. And these issues can leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth before they have had a true chance to experience your brand and business. If your company is struggling to keep up online or needs to improve its online presence, give Xapsis Integrated Marketing a call.